The Wonderful World of Text

I just got back yesterday from CocoaConf DC, which was a fantastic conference (and that’s coming from a guy who doesn’t generally like conferences). I even got to speak. I’ll post more about the conference soon, but for now I wanted to post my slides and example code for everyone who wanted them.

For those that didn’t make it to the talk, it was about dealing with text in Mac and iOS apps. I started by giving some basic text concepts (e.g. plain vs. rich), covered the two main model classes in Cocoa (NSString and NSAttributedString), talked at a high level about a bunch of the text rendering technologies on the Mac and iOS, and then delved deeper into two of those rendering technologies - the Cocoa Text System on the Mac and Core Text. I was afraid that it wasn’t going well due to how tired some of the attendees looked, but I got a lot of positive feedback afterward so I guess it went well after all. I think people were just tired since it was the last session of the conference.