Baltimore Cocoa comeback

To Baltimore-area Cocoa developers:

I've missed Baltimore Cocoa (or at least having some sort of Cocoa developer group). So, I've talked to Zach Waugh, Ed Schmalzle, and Chris Ashworth about reviving/reinventing the group. Chris has generously offered for us to meet in the Figure 53 office (@HeyArea53), which will hopefully work a bit better and not result in people getting locked out of get-togethers.

The biggest unknown to me is what format to take. The previous format involved monthly meetings, each with a speaker (e.g.,, This is similar to the model followed by CocoaHeads groups all over the globe, I believe. This was tough to maintain, as there were only a few of us volunteering to put talks together and we all got busy.

Alternatively, we could just get together and code, helping each other as it is requested, as is done in weekly NSCoder Nights. No formality, no preparation, just show up. Certainly easier to pull off, but possibly less worthwhile.

Or, we could do a hybrid. Or, something else.

The other big unknown is when to meet. We could do the traditional week night. Or, we could do something in the morning or afternoon, as many of us have flexibility in our work day.

My questions to you are:

  1. Are you interested in being involved in a Baltimore Cocoa group?
  2. What sort of format would you like to see?
  3. When would you like to get together?

Please email me directly with your response. Once I get an idea of who's interested, I'll start a conversation among that group to hash things out further. I can do that via email or Glassboard, so let me know which you'd prefer.

Lastly, please spread the word to other Baltimore Cocoa developers you know, and get them to email me to if they're interested.