My name is Chad Sellers and this is my blog. I'll mostly be writing about technology here, though I make no promises that I won't throw something else in at some point.

I'm a Mac developer. I run Useful Fruit Software, where I developed Pear Note. It's a note-taking application for Mac and iPad that focuses on integrating different streams of information (text, audio/video, slides) together. I'm a big fan of the Mac platform and developing for it.

I used to be a Linux developer and a security/access control geek. In fact, I was an upstream maintainer for the userspace portion of the SELinux project.

While this blog will mostly be about technology since that's where I spend my days, I'm not just a geek. I'm also a Christian, a husband, a father of two great daughters, and more. If you're interested in the family side of my life, you can see more at thesellers.net.

the face of Chad